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NC3 was developed by a staff of seasoned construction experts, attorneys, risk-advisors and real estate professionals to address a need that has thus far gone unserved in our business communities.  After witnessing project disasters occur repeatedly for the same reasons, NC3 was formed to create a more proactive approach to project management.

About Us

North Coast Capital Consultants (NC3) is committed to making the construction process as seamless as possible for project owners. After witnessing the repeated pitfalls of construction projects that failed to effectively manage risk, NC3 was formed to bring our problem-solving skills to the front-end of the process. Instead of reacting to construction challenges, we anticipate them.

With this proactive approach, we offer clients a depth of experience and expertise to set projects up for success, anticipate issues before they become problems, and contain risk as it occurs.

As owner’s representatives, we serve as an extension of our client’s team, focused on protecting your best interests and the long-term success of your capital investments. Our goal is to help owners navigate the complexities of construction, from inception through completion, while reducing risk and uncertainty.

The NC3 Difference.

A team of seasoned experts.

NC3 leverages a team of seasoned professionals with specialties spanning construction, engineering, design, finance and real estate, to offer a full scope of consulting services in-house.

Operating nationally from our headquarters in Cleveland, we provide the hands-on personal service of a trusted local partner, backed by the deep bench strength and unparalleled resources of a national firm. This allows us to synthesize our collective knowledge for each owner’s benefit, and plug clients into vertically-integrated ancillary services as needed.

A flexible approach to efficient services.

We have successfully managed high-profile construction projects in industries including health care, education, government, industrial, hospitality, and mixed-use development. Leveraging our depth of experience and expertise, we carefully analyze each project owner’s goals and resources to tailor the most efficient solutions  for their exact needs.

Transparency for more informed decisions.

Our sophisticated project controls add value to our owner’s representation services because we don’t just collect data; we make data more meaningful to project owners by converting it into real-time information they can use to make more informed decisions.

By communicating with honesty, transparency and accountability, we deliver data with a personal touch so that our clients get straight answers and actionable recommendations to improve project outcomes.

Proactive problem-solving and risk mitigation.

We’ve witnessed the repeated pitfalls of other projects that failed to effectively manage risk, which gives us the ability to proactively anticipate issues before they become problems and contain risk as it occurs. With this lean, proactive approach, our professionals have built a reputation for delivering projects on time and within budget, while minimizing risk and saving owners from unnecessary costs and hassles.

Navigating Risk. Guiding Construction Success.

With NC3 as your guide to navigating the risks and challenges of construction, you’ll have a trusted advisor advocating for your best interests, so you can focus on building your business. Contact us to learn how we can guide your next project to success.